“Among the last great rock shops in the Southwest.   Southwestern minerals has a large selection of rare minerals, colorful minerals, and gemstone material.    It seems as though much of their stock was purchased decades ago– many of the rocks just aren’t available on the market these days.  Additionally, the prices seem to have been fixed decades ago, often at a fraction of their current value.  It makes travels to Albuquerque from Tucson easy.  I can always pay for the trip by reselling a few specimens I’ve purchased here.” ~ Michael C.

“Very helpful and great prices. ❤️ my new place to buy gems and beads.” ~ Jennifer S.

I love this little shop. As both a rock hound and a beginner jeweler, I can spend hours looking at the selection in the shop. I only get to stop into Albuquerque occasionally, but when I do this place is on my to do list!” ~ Greg V.

” Great selection and awesome service. Couldn’t ask for a better rock and jewelry store.” ~ Adam G.

Usually I would make a pros and cons list for my review, but this place is all pros! There is a very large selection of minerals from all over the world. The staff is both knowledgeable and friendly. The prices are very low to the point where I am wondering how they make money. I bought a large citrine rock and my brother bought an excellent pyrite sample. Both combined only cost $17!” ~Samuel S.

“My family have been buying from here for over 30 years. Great people, interesting items, so easy to make something gorgeous.” ~ George B.

” One of the best lapidary and rock shops in the country.” ~ Kenny M.